Here's what my students have to say about Kev's Coding Academy!
"Kev is an incredible teacher. He is extremely patient and thorough. Better than many professors. I learned so much in an hour and that would've taken me days without this session."
- Sumeyya T. 5 Star Rating
"...[Kev and I] Our sessions have been very clear, concise, and informative. I really like the fact that Kevin is straight-out-of-college. It gives him a better ability to connect with his younger pupils, and his teaching methods are better than that of most industry professionals because of it. I’d certainly recommend Kev’s Coding Academy to anyone trying to get their feet wet!"
- Mathew H. 5 Star Rating
"Kevin is knowledgeable and extremely patient. I recommend Kev's Coding academy to students of all ages."
- Ryon R. 5 Star Rating